Here you will find all our logos in JPG, PNG, SVG, EPS, and AI versions.

If you need more details to create a perfect CS branded deliverable, please read our CS Guidelines

Light background

Dark background

#1 Logotype

The Contentsquare logo can be dark or light, other colors are forbidden.

Light background

Horizontal Light background

Dark background

Horizontal Dark background

#2 Logo misuse

Don’t distort or twist the logo

Don’t deteriorate the logo’s readability

Don’t change the logo’s font

Don’t modify the logo’s colors

Don’t remove the icon from the Contentsquare logo

Don’t spell Contentsquare in two words

Don’t change the logo’s alignment

Don’t apply any color on the monochrome version of the logo

Don’t use shadows

Don’t change the icon and lettering size ratio

Don’t use an old version of the logo

Apply any effect on the logo

Don’t change logo with a text

Don’t use the default logo with black lettering on the following colors (or any other colors not listed in the branding guidelines).

Don’t use the default logo with white lettering on the following colors (or any other colors not listed in the branding guidelines).

Don't use a full black logo.

Don't use either default logo with black or white lettering on image and pattern backgrounds.

#3 Logo clearspace text & pictogram

The minimum anount of white space between the pictogram and the text must be 1/4 of the logo height.

Horizontal logotype

#4 Horizontal logotype clearspace


The minimum amount of white space around the logo must be 1/2 of the full logo height.

Smallest size use

Horizontal Logotype should never be smaller than 35 mm wide.

For digital applications, the primary Logotypes’ minimum size 100 pixels wide.

Logotype artwork

Do not attempt to redraw or recreate any element of the logotype. Use the digital files of the artwork.

Horizontal logotype clearspace

#5 Partner logos

Size relationship–Primary Logotype

When partner logos are longer and more text-based, we prefer them to be at the same height as the logotype.

For symbol-based logos, we prefer them to be 2X the height of the logotype.